On-Time Flight Performance Databases

My colleague Nicole White and I created relational and graph database implementations of the US Department of Transportation's Airline On-Time Performance Data for the year 2012. Our relational implementation was in Oracle, and our graph implementation was in Neo4j.

The Airline On-Time Performance Data, "contains on-time arrival data for non-stop domestic flights by major air carriers, and provides such additional items as departure and arrival delays, origin and destination airports, flight numbers, scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, cancelled or diverted flights, taxi-out and taxi-in times, air time, and non-stop distance." (from transtats.bts.gov)

To document our work we made a series of videos. In video one we discuss our relational design:

In video two we discuss implementing our relational design in Oracle, then do some analysis of the data with SQL queries:

You can see the design here and the SQL queries here.

In video three we discuss what graph databases are, our design and implementation in Neo4j, and run some analysis in Neo4j's query language, Cypher:

This work was based off of an entry Ms. White made into Neo4j's graph database contest, which she won. You can download the design here and the Cypher queries here.